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Tsoar Kenya Ministries  is an Organization with a mission of making disciples of all nations using holistic programs. It is for profit because of the complexities of forming a non profit and the associated fund raising issues. All profits from book sales, honorariums or other sources are donated to Tsoar, Ministries Outreach Fund, a donor advised fund with a mission of funding discipleship initiatives in financially impoverished areas of the word.The Kenyan Chapter has the Ambition,Mission  and  Vision to Equip the Disciples with the Word of God so as to reach out.

The fields are white as Snow and as the lord says its time to harvest the souls for the kingdom of God,Let No one perish.

Matthew 28:19 New International Version (NIV)

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

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In life you are always a disciple of someone or something, there is a bigger purpose on why you are where you are. It does not depend on you but on the one who put you there. So why are you here?


Many nations are said to be 80-90% Christian. Unfortunately, the nations are ridden with evils of all kinds’ corruption, rape, murder; envy etc. how is this possible with so many surrendered lives to the obedience of the voice of Christ?

It is said that Africa Christianity is like an ocean miles wide but only an inch deep. Such an ocean is not fit even to be a puddle pool for the baby. It cannot support any fish and those that manage to survive there must remain small so that they do not outgrow their water cover.

It is good you are a believer, are you a disciple? What is your contribution to the fulfillment of the Lord’s command “teaching them to obey”, i.e. making the ocean deeper and the desert greener.



Discipleship is building bridges not walls that make us different; it is building that makes others better fathers, mothers, brothers, sister, neighbors, workers and citizens with eternity in mind.