Reading Your Bible,Constructively

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Reading your Bible as a Christian gives you more insight into the mystery of the universe than Moses or King David or Solomon ever had. Reading gives you unimaginable understanding. We don’t understand “the mystery of Christ” (Ephesians 3:3) through mystic incantations, or mental meditations, or even through bare prayer. Rather, Paul says that it is by reading what he wrote that we can understand what was not made known in its full significance “to the sons of men in other generations” (Ephesians 3:5). From this, we ought to infer that God wants us to pay attention to the words of Scripture and know how they are being used. So when we come to our Bibles, let’s put off the twin errors of laziness and hopelessness. We cannot afford to lazily drift in the words of God — we must put forth effort to understand what God intended for us to understand through the biblical authors. But even when it’s hard to understand, read with hope, knowing that God through reading his word, God desires us to understand the greatest truths of the universe — and he will help us do it.


Preparing a sermon

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How to prepare a seminar and a lesson Preparation of a seminar: A seminar is a gathering of people for learning or reflecting on a specific item to meet or address the specific need of the community or of a church. Objectives of the lesson: The objective of this lesson is to help the participants in how to prepare a seminar or conference that will bring and maintain a change and transformation in the life and ministry of the participants so that they may reach the expected results in their homes, churches and community. Introduction: –         People do organize seminar for the sake of report or routine –         One of problems in our life and in our ministry is how to maintain the results of any successful training or teaching we offer. One of the reasons is the fact that people do not take time to prepare the seminar or the lesson. –         There is need for spiritual transformation and change and help the church and especially believers and church leaders how to prepare a seminar and  a lesson for effective and permanent change. –         One of the weaknesses we find in the ministry today is the fact that churches do not take time to learn how to do things the way they should be done in their Christian life. Preparation of a seminar The objective of a seminar. 1Corinthians 9:4-27 A seminar should have a clear, specific and measurable and concise objective. That is to say that at the end of the seminar the participants should have reached somewhere. What is the need/problem that is there? What are the consequences? What is the greatest consequence that directly affects the lives of people, of the church, of the community or of the nation? Teaching a lesson is communicating knowledge on how to do things. Causing to accept, to persuade Handing down or pass on a body of knowledge or a set of traditions or doctrines, not head knowledge but a new reality that interprets the way things are, affecting our cultures, our values, our motives, our attitudes and our actions. It implies discipline, practice, and memorization of scripture (Ephesians 4:11-13). A lesson of a training conference or seminar should meet the objectives of the seminar and addressing the real need in order to bring a solution to the problem that has been found. Therefore they should be well fixed in prayer and wisdom, […]